Tips & Tricks

Gel Balls


Store in water (in or out of the refrigerator) – they will last for years! They will not go soft over time in water, consistency remains the same.

An eski is the perfect storage companion for your gel balls.

Use distilled water for best results!

Pure water = more consistency.

Dissolving a pinch of salt in the grow water will make your gel balls last longer out of water.

Grow in hot water for lighter gel balls and cold water for heavier gel balls.

Hot water = larger molecule spread = less dense.If you grow the gel balls in hot water they will reach full size, quicker.

If you allow gel balls to dehydrate after growing them (takes 1-2 weeks to shrink), they are re-usable! Remember, if you used dirty water to grow them, the shape may deform as they start to shrink.

ALWAYS wear personal protective equipment when operating a gel blaster
Be aware of your barrel – if you’re not in a game, don’t point it at other people!


X Store gels in freezer. This will make your gels more prone to exploding in the barrel.

X Add dish washing liquid or any other lubricant to the water – this can damage your blaster internals.

X Display your blaster in public places. WE know they are toys but the general public do not. Keep it to private property and game days.