Gel / Water Ball Blasters


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            Exactly what they sound like. 

    • Blasters that shoot small balls (usually around 7 to 11mm) made out of a Super Absorbing Polymer (S.A.P) and water.
    • The balls are approximately 3mm in size when first purchased then placed into a container of water for around 3 hours, allowing them to absorb the water and grow up to 11mm in size

    Gel Balls growing

      • Most blasters have a range of around 15+ metres and are available in automatic or single shot.
      • The accuracy of the gun varies on distance and wind conditions.
      • Backyard Gel Ball wars are the best fun as the whole family can play..
      • As with all projectile weapons eye safety is a must and a simple pair of safety glasses will do the job.
      • Check out the video below to see how much fun you can have..